Called To Christ: Oscar Jimenez overflows with passion for the Gospel

Called To Christ: Oscar Jimenez overflows with passion for the Gospel.


Oscar Jimenez, pictured above, is an example of the spiritual multiplication that occurs when Langham supporters like you support scholar-leaders like Milton Acosta, enabling him to equip and prepare future pastors, evangelists, missionaries and Christian leaders throughout Columbia and beyond.

Oscar Jimenez was young and eager to learn when he decided to study with Langham Scholar Milton Acosta in Medellin, Colombia (Seminario Biblico de Colombia). Acosta was a well-respected Old Testament scholar who received his theological training through a scholarship provided by Langham Partnership (formerly John Stott Ministries). Jimenez learned a great deal from Acosta’s comprehensive understanding of the Scriptures, but was also deeply touched by Acosta’s personal and contextual understanding of Colombia’s spiritual circumstances.

It was the training and discipleship Jimenez received from Milton Acosta that equipped him for his current role as director of the first missions department ever for his 700-church denomination.
Though many reserve missionary work for the Western world, Jimenez felt called to initiate a missions department in Colombia. “We don’t have much, but that much in God’s hands is enough,” states Jimenez.

The church leadership had no manuals, goals, and certainly had no budget. In two short years, Oscar’s department was sending 30 missionaries from Colombia worldwide, and they are now establishing churches in the United Kingdom, Spain, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Today, through the leadership of Jimenez, more than 700 Colombian churches have changed their view of missions and are committed to serving all over the world.

“Here. There. The Gospel is the same.  Jesus Christ and the power of his sacrifice is the same.  And His victory is the same…every culture experiences different challenges. But the Gospel is the same, and the relevance of the Gospel is the same…and that’s how we are working with our missionaries.  We have a common ground.  We are all sinners, and we all need God’s grace.”


Thanks to the generosity of Langham supporters like you that provide scholarship assistance to leaders like Milton Acosta, pictured above, more than 300 Langham Scholars serve worldwide, biblically training thousands of pastors and Christian leaders like Oscar Jimenez.

With only 60 estimated trained leaders for his entire denomination, Jimenez knows that Colombia needs more people who are fully trained so that they can train new generations. That is exactly what Milton Acosta is doing – playing a part in many more stories like the one of Jimenez. Your support helps equip scholar-leaders like Acosta, who in turn equip and disciple a new generation of Bible teachers, multiplying the impact of your gifts the world over.