The Global Issue

The crisis of the church – lack of spiritual growth.

This is a problem all over the world, of course, including the west. Believers are coming to Christ but are not growing in maturity, influencing the culture and reaching a deeper understanding and application of the scriptures.

The obstacles to growth.

New believers often cannot afford or have access to the Scriptures, many cannot read and their pastors are often not trained to teach their congregations, leaving churches with limited understanding of what God’s Word says.

The lack of biblical training.

There is little access to good evangelical books, or to Bible colleges and seminaries that can train and sharpen pastors to teach God’s Word and address relevant issues from a biblical perspective.

The lack of biblical materials.

In many parts of the world, there are very few books in indigenous languages, faithful to the Bible and relevant to the culture.  Pastors have little access to study materials to help them in their preaching, and Bible colleges and seminaries often have bare bookshelves.

John Stott


“The statistics of church growth are enormously encouraging. But it is often growth without depth, and there is much superficiality everywhere. As in first-century Corinth, there is a tension between the divine ideal and the human reality, between what is and what ought to be, between the ‘already’ and the ‘not yet’.  Thus the church is both united and divided, both holy and unholy, both the guardian of truth and prone to error. Everywhere the church boasts great things, and everywhere it fails to live up to its boasts.”  John Stott


The response of John Stott, our founder.

Pastors and churches in the Majority World attribute a wonderful quality to our founder, John Stott.  “He listened.”  He asked them what they most needed, and they told him. His response to the growing concerns of Majority World Christian leaders was fueled by what He called “Langham Logic.”