Prayer in Central Asia, Vanuatu Monday 9th June

Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued support for the work of Preaching. Here are the items for the week ahead.

Uganda: After the Level 1 & 2 events, Chris Ondia (facilitator) writes ‘it was a refreshing time in Arua and we were delighted to see the enthusiasm of the people working together through the passages and in their group work. Much growth has happened since the last time we were there and seeing local facilitators taking on key roles was such a joy’. Please continue to pray for those leading the work and the participants who continue to grow in their knowledge.

Burundi: Emmanuel Bagumako (country coordinator) informs us of the encouragement of the Level 1 event in Ngozi last week. The team was particularly encouraged to see participants from other regions attending as well as those from the Pentecostal Church.

Zimbabwe: Gary Cross (facilitator) has written to thank us for praying for their Level 1, 2 & 3 event last Saturday which 35 people attended. A trainee facilitator, Amazing Mtangadura gave an excellent sermon entitled ‘Choosing Joy in Integrity’ from the book of Philippians, which was discussed and reviewed. Attending the events is difficult due to many people facing stressful situations – please pray for their encouragement.

Central Asia: A one-day Refresher seminar will be held on Saturday and led by Chris Wright (International Director). 50 participants from various churches will be attending. We are asked to pray ‘that this opportunity will be a step towards some churches coming together for the first time. Pray that God will use the day for his glory and to forward the work of biblical preaching in the country.’

Vanuatu: This week a Level 2 will be held in the capital Port Villa, which for the first time will be conducted by local facilitators. Steve Gibb (facilitator) asks us to pray for good attendance from those who attended the Level 1 event last year.

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team