What makes us unique

Langham is strategically focused to equip the global church.


Leadership and training for the global church through the Langham Preaching, Scholars and Literature Programs

We focus on God’s Word.

Everything we do is for the purpose of raising the standards of biblical teaching and preaching around the world, equipping God’s people with God’s Word to grow in Christ-likeness and to fulfil God’s mission in the world.


Christian leadership for the global church through the Langham Preaching and Literature Programs

We trust God’s Word to bring lasting change.

We invest in the teaching of God’s Word and see it yield immeasurable results, changing hearts and minds, creating lasting impact, addressing sin and social issues with truth, leading to action and application into all walks of life.


whoweare2We invest in what multiplies.

Our ministry reproduces for years to come. God takes the seeds we plant and grows His kingdom beyond what we could ever hope or imagine. Pastors feed their congregations, raising up new generations of biblically mature believers. Scholars train future Christian pastors and leaders, who equip God’s people for their service in the world. Biblical books equip leaders, speak to congregations, and nourish the church for its participation in God’s mission.

Christian leadership with churches in Africa, through the Langham Scholars and Preaching ProgramWe equip the equippers.

Our approach respectfully walks with indigenous pastors, scholars, writers, publishers and leaders, investing in their sustainable growth and serving them as they serve God’s Kingdom. Pastors and churches catch the vision and train other pastors and churches in surrounding communities. Indigenous publishers develop capacity to initiate their own culturally relevant titles and writers. Scholars train pastors, start new ministries, influence leaders and nations.

photo16We rejoice in the growth God gives.

Everyday, we hear stories of congregations being changed, new ministries being started and indigenous leaders catching the vision and running with it. We can capture these numerous transformational stories but we cannot easily quantify or measure all that God is doing in the grand picture He is painting. We consider our work much like the seed planted that sprouts up and grows to create a harvest. We focus on planting and cultivating God’s Word, and rejoice at the plentiful ways that God grows His Kingdom.The effective preaching of God’s word equips God’s people for mission in the world. The Bible changes the church, and the church changes the world. All in God’s time and for God’s glory.