Langham stimulates biblical study.

“Good preaching is impossible without study, and study is impossible without good books.”  John Stott

Langham Literature provides Majority World pastors, scholars and seminary libraries with evangelical books and electronic resources through grants, discounts and distribution. We also foster the creation of indigenous evangelical books for pastors in many languages, through training workshops for writers and editors, sponsored writing, translation, strengthening local evangelical publishing houses, and investment in major regional literature projects, such as one volume Bible commentaries like The Africa Bible Commentary.

Developing biblical books has an exponential impact.

As scholars, pastors and Christian leaders are equipped with resources needed to learn and teach God’s Word, relevant cultural issues are addressed from a biblical perspective, resulting in Christian growth and understanding. One example of the multiplicative impact of one book is the Africa Bible Commentary. For every commentary sent to a pastor in a local church, a minimum of 10-12 other pastors and lay preachers are sharing this resource. Multiply that by more than 100,000 volumes already distributed and millions of lives impacted.

Develop and deliver biblical books

Langham Literature in 2012.

  • 25,000 biblical books supplied to pastors and scholars.
  • 15,397 biblical books supplied to 555 Bible college and seminary libraries in 79 countries.
  • 21 indigenous Christian publishers produced 205,000 volumes, 39 local language titles and 60 locally authored titles.
  • 5 whole-Bible commentary projects indigenously authored in local languages.

Latest videos about Langham Literature

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