Our Work

Our Work

The primary aim of Langham Preaching is to work in fellowship with national leaders to establish local and national preaching movements (a fellowship of Bible preachers). Together we provide practical on-site support for pastors and lay preachers, organising training seminars, providing resources, and building a local movement committed to Bible exposition. During 2012 programmes were underway in many parts of Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe and Eurasia.

Local ownership is vitally important and so, before a programme begins, a line-up meeting is needed with church leaders from across the denominations and across the country, to discuss how a long-term programme is best established. Then the training begins with a series of Langham Preaching seminars designed to sustain training over several years. Each seminar is usually for 4 days, and provides practical help and encouragement to those who have a Bible preaching/teaching role, whether pastors, lay preachers, evangelists, church planters or workers in para-church settings. The purpose is to work with national believers to develop an indigenous movement for relevant Bible exposition.  Our training ethos is described below.

Level 1 introduces the foundations of Biblical preaching. Level 2 typically covers the theme of preaching from the New Testament, and level 3 tackles preaching from the Old Testament. The seminars involve lectures, group work, Bible expositions, prayer, and planning for grassroots training and support. There is also a ‘training of trainers’ programme developed for those who will serve as local facilitators in their towns or regions. They then run local level 1 training events, and participants then usually join the national training programme. In this way the preaching movement develops both locally and nationally.

Continuity is encouraged through local preachers’ groups which meet regularly. Sometimes called preachers’ clubs, or escuelitas in Latin America, every participant in the programme is encouraged to join such a local group, providing regular opportunities to learn together and to support others in the preaching fellowship.

Local ownership is key: the programmes are developed by leaders with a commitment to encourage Biblical preaching movements in their town or country.

Regional coordinators are appointed to facilitate the development of preaching programmes in major world regions. In turn, there is a growing sense of regional fellowship amongst the emerging preaching movements, strengthening the work in each country and sharing resources in the region.