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Northeast India Preaching Training Attendees

Northeast India Preaching Training Attendees

Langham Preaching in India

Wedged into the space between Bangladesh, China and Myanmar are the seven states of North-East India. While it is a volatile area politically, it is also an area where many have turned to Christ. Nagaland, for example, is listed as 90% Christian in Operation World.

So why is Langham Preaching making this region a priority? These peoples are mobile and can be found all over India. Strengthening the church in the North-East may contribute to a maturing of the church in pockets all around India.

Historically, this is a Baptist mission area with the Americans in the north and the British in the South. The logical partner for Langham Preaching is the Council of Baptist Churches of North-East India (CBCNEI) – led by Dr AK Lama, a Langham

Scholar – together with his wife, Dr Asangla Ao, who is now the coordinator for the work in the North-East.

The Level One training commenced in January with 65 participants – with each state represented. It was an educated group with doctors, college faculty members, politicians, a banker, numerous MDiv and MTh graduates, and 11 staff from the student IFES-affiliate, UESI.

People were so appreciative. Geter, a pastor in Arunachal Pradesh which shares a lengthy border with China, expressed how the training was “a blessing for a pastor like me, without education and working in a Christian minority region. Believe me, my preaching will never be the same after this seminar.”

James (on UESI staff in Tripura) noted, “I have been thoroughly soaked in the world of preaching – and the simplicity of this seminar makes it much easier to be a preacher of the Bible now.”