Battling corruption in Uganda: An urgent prayer request

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Bishop David Zac Niringiye

Battling corruption in Uganda: An urgent prayer request

For our battle is not against flesh and blood.

Around the world, believers who stand up for their faith are often confronted with persecution and hardship. Retired Bishop David Zac Niringiye, a Langham Scholar, faced such opposition last week when standing up against the corruption of the Ugandan government. Niringiye is one of many African Christian leaders taking part in Black Monday, a symbolic and peaceful outcry and mourning over the billions of shillings claimed to have been lost due to widespread corruption of Uganda officials. Ziringiye and others are speaking on behalf of Uganda’s forgotten children and families suffering from the effects of extreme poverty – those that are hurt the most by the misused money. Niringiye was released by the police but was asked to return on February 14 for questioning. It is uncertain what will happen at that point; he could be released or charged.

From President Benjamin K. Homan

“Please join me in praying for Bishop Zac as he shines the light of Christ in the nation of Uganda to fight and overcome evil. Please pray for his protection, that God would give him supernatural wisdom and that through his leadership, Ugandans would stand up and no longer tolerate the rampant corruption that leaves Uganda mired in poverty and unable to fulfill the biblical mandate to help orphans and widows.”

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