Equip the Trainers … to Equip the Pastors

A unique training initiative for 11 Central American countries

'Latin American pastors at a recent training event

'Latin American pastors at a recent training event

In Central America the churches are growing fast. Huge mega-churches are not uncommon, and almost everywhere the number of churches is multiplying. Tiny, persecuted Protestantism is a thing of the past, and the churches now represent a powerful presence in Latin American society.

But all is not well …. The teaching in churches in Central America is often weak. National leaders report that it can be superficial with very limited Biblical content. There is evidence of confused and divisive teaching, the pervasive influence of prosperity theology, and even some heretical extremes. The need for pastors to learn to study deeply and preach faithfully is imperative, and addressing this is an urgent priority.

Langham Preaching Latin America is calling together key trainers from 11 countries in Central America*, to embark on a three-stage training programme over the next two years. Starting in October 12-16 2009, 35 leaders will meet together for training in biblical preaching. They will benefit from:

•    weeklong training seminars with practical lectures, Bible expositions, and group study
•    help in the framing of training programmes for their own countries
•    books to support Bible study and exposition
•    fellowship across 11 countries, establishing a wide network of preachers and trainers

And this is not just for their own benefit, but so that they can then develop national training initiatives in their home countries, equipping small teams of pastors and lay preachers throughout the region. Langham Preaching is already working in partnership with national churches in many South American countries. The Central American project is the next big step in the steady work of equipping a new generation of Bible teachers.

What they are saying:

‘The Central American project is the biggest and most strategic effort of Langham Preaching Latin America this year. We look forward to its impact throughout the region in the years to come.’
Igor Amestegui

‘I want to express my gratitude to the Lord for what we have experienced in the Langham Preaching programme. The Lord has greatly touched my life, encouraging me to work more effectively with the tools I have received.’
Daniel Mardones, pastor and homiletics teacher, Chile

‘If the need for Langham Preaching is great in South America, it is even more needed in Central America.’
Jorge Atiencia, Bible teacher and trainer, Colombia

‘As thankful as we are for church growth, the ministry of Bible teaching is vital in these critical times for the church in Central America.’
John Stam, LAM missionary, Costa Rica

‘I could not agree more when our Langham trainer said that he is more than convinced that this is a good and strategic way to equip leaders in the world.’
Chris Jonah, Sierre Leone

‘I have worked with the Church for more than 18 years, but I have never seen such direct Bible-centred preaching methods and contents. I wish I could have known this many years before. I am now well equipped to handle the Bible properly.’
Samuel Makocebe, Tanzania

* Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela