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Oscar Jimenez

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Week of Feb 4, 2013


Oscar JimenezCalled To Christ: Oscar Jimenez overflows with passion for the Gospel.

Oscar Jimenez was young and eager to learn when he decided to study with Langham Scholar Milton Acosta in Medellin, Colombia (Seminario Biblico de Colombia). Acosta was a well-respected Old Testament scholar who received his theological training through a scholarship provided by Langham Partnership (formerly John Stott Ministries). Jimenez learned a great deal from Acosta’s comprehensive understanding of the Scriptures, but was also deeply touched by Acosta’s personal and contextual understanding of Colombia’s spiritual circumstances.

It was the training and discipleship Jimenez received from Milton Acosta that equipped him for his current role as director of the first missions…

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Oscar Jimenez

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Giving thanks and prayers for growth.

Even as the Langham Preaching movement expands to places like Togo, we invite your prayers for continued growth in places like the Central African Republic and Congo Brazzaville. These are very different cultural contexts, but the need is identical – faithful and relevant preaching by pastors, lay people and evangelists. We give thanks to God – and how He uses you to accomplish His purpose – for His continued blessing to grow the ministry worldwide. Please pray for this new work, that His Word would be planted in the hearts and minds of many for His glory.

Ben Homan

Thankful to God for you,

Ben Homan

Benjamin K. Homan
President, Langham Partnership
(formerly John Stott Ministries)