East African Connections

Langham Preaching in Kenya

by Frank Luvanda, Langham Preaching country coordinator for Tanzania

This was my first visit to the Langham Preaching movement in Kenya, and it was a wonderful experience for me.  I have got many positive things to learn from Kenyan Preaching programme. I really confirm that this cross-pollination thing is very important in strengthening our preaching networks in East Africa!

Frank Luvanda (center) with Langham Preaching team in Kenya

Frank Luvanda (center) with Langham Preaching team in Kenya

I arrived on 9th August 2009 and I was amazed to find that they are conducting pre-conferences session for the “training of local facilitators” (TLF). This is one amongst the positive things that I have learned from the Kenyan preaching movement. I also want to let you know that Kenya is doing fine in terms of national coordination, as Mercy Ireri (local country coordinator for Langham Preaching) is traveling all over the country for the purpose of monitoring the development of preachers’ clubs. I believe that by following Kenya’s example of having TLF training before the actual preaching programme would help in strengthening our team in Tanzania.

As I look forward, and as I have learnt from Kenya, I believe that the future of these preaching movements in East Africa is in the hands of the local facilitators in a given country. I also learned that Kenyan brothers and sisters contribute more to the preaching movement than in Tanzania. They pay their own travel expenses and they also pay for a conference fee. This is another strength that we have already adopted. It is better if we remain with a few committed people than have a big number of people who cannot take up the vision of Langham Preaching and bring it into local ownership.

It was good to learn from the Ugandan experience. Uganda has given us all great lessons on how to handle these preaching movements in our countries. And it was lovely to learn from wonderful facilitators: Jenny Brown, Doug Johnson, and Wanyeki Mahiaini at the Limure seminar.

With this email I wish to thank Mercy and her team for the great work they are doing in Kenya. May the living God in Jesus Christ protect and provide for all what is needed for Langham programmes around the world.