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“Langham taught me how to hand-off God’s truth to the young, how to encourage them in God’s work, how to assure them that God is there and how to call them to remain firm in the faith.” Stephen Ingati, Kenya



John Stott’s strategic vision


In 1992, John Stott penned a document detailing the logic behind his vision for Langham Partnership. The unpublished writing is filled with pearls of wisdom and, of course, quite a few “quotable Stott” segments, one provided below.

“All sorts of remedies are proposed for the reformation and renewal of the church, and for its growth into maturity. But they tend to be at the level of technique and methodology. If we probe more deeply into the church’s sickness, however, we become aware of its need for more potent medicine, namely the Word of God.”

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Bringing hope in Vietnam


Langham Scholar (name withheld for security reasons) fights for social justice, challenging and equipping the church in Vietnam to reach out to the poor and downtrodden.

Pictured to right: Displaced children who were settled into new area.

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Burgling John Stott?


John Stott, founder of Langham Partnership nearly 40 years ago, was actually “burgled” and also confronted a would-be mugger near his home in London. Burgling John Stott is a fictionalized drama based on real events. The one-man play is filled with humor and communicates piercing spiritual truths through an imaginative and touching performance that celebrates Stott’s life.

This show can only be scheduled through Langham Partnership. Make sure your church does not miss this unique event.

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Donating stock provides all of the benefits of a cash contribution and more. If you have stock that you have owned for over one year, you may donate it to Langham Partnership and use its fair market value as of the date the gift is made as to the amount of your donation. This benefits both Langham Partnership and you.
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