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Week of May 30, 2013

South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC) brings life-transforming biblical solutions to churches and communities across South Asia. 

In the face of increasing pressure from Hinduism and Islam, South Asian pastors are hungry for biblical solutions to evangelize, teach and disciple South Asian families.

In the face of increasing pressure from Hinduism and Islam, South Asian pastors are hungry for biblical solutions to evangelize, teach and disciple South Asian families.

The commentary – developed by South Asian scholars – is designed to equip leaders of local church movements to evangelize, teach, lead and disciple others to Christlikeness.

Life-threatening issues that face South Asia’s children, like sex trafficking and the dehumanizing caste system, break God’s heart. Those very issues, and many more faced by South Asians, have rallied indigenous leaders to develop the South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC). The SABC – scheduled to be completed by September 2014 – is the first full commentary on the Bible written by Asians for Asians.

Equipping local South Asian leaders

Today, more than 100 local, South Asian scholars are currently writing, editing, and translating the SABC into Hindi, Nepali and Sinhalese. The goal is to equip church leaders at grass roots levels – pastors, students and lay leaders – to passionately bring God’s Word to biblically and relevantly speak into pressing local issues.

Addressing indigenous South Asian issues

To speak to South Asians powerfully and with relevance, the commentary uses local metaphors and imagery and helps its users apply the Bible to the challenges in their culture. In addition to the commentary, more than 100 topics are explored from a biblical perspective, including:

Africa Bible Commentary in use at Namibia Theological School

Namibia Theological School student studies with the Africa Bible Commentary, helping him become a better student and teacher of the Bible.

The Africa Bible Commentary impact

The SABC was, in part, inspired by the success of the Africa Bible Commentary (ABC). Benjamin K. Homan, President of Langham Partnership USA, describes the viral nature of the ABC and how he sees similarities with the upcoming release of the SABC: “Since its completion, the Africa Bible Commentary has been sweeping across Africa, shared by more than 10 pastors and lay leaders for every book distributed,” explains Homan. “Congregations are rejoicing to find their pastors providing biblical solutions in an African context. Bible college and seminary students are thrilled to have this resource to help with their studies and prepare them for ministry. We expect the same response in South Asia, because we see a hunger for God’s Word and know as pastors and teachers provide biblical solutions, the Bible will yield transforming results across the continent.”

Our three-pronged approach to helping the global church

The ABC and SABC are great examples of how our three strategic outreaches work together to accomplish our vision to see churches equipped for mission and growing to maturity in Christ through the ministry of pastors and leaders who believe, teach and live by the Word of God.

1. Langham Scholars become leaders in their countries, starting seminaries, Bible colleges and contributing (often leading) to efforts like the SABC

2. Langham Literature collaboratively develops biblical books like the SABC that equip leaders and pastors.

3. Langham Preaching equips pastors to effectively and passionately teach God’s Word.

The SABC will be instrumental in reaching the next generation and impacting the South Asian church for many years to come.

The result – to the glory of God – is changed lives across hundreds of communities in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Prayer for Completion and Impact

As we approach the final stages of this momentous project, please pray that the SABC will be instrumental in equipping a new generation of Bible teachers in South Asia to effectively evangelize, teach, lead and disciple South Asians to a deeper maturity in Christ.

We also give thanks to God for using Langham Partnership to seed projects like the SABC and to use Langham Scholars like Finny Phillip, Paul Swarup and others to continue their multiplying impact worldwide.

Your gift today helps Langham equip a new generation of Bible teachers by raising up nation-shaping scholars, developing life-transforming biblical materials like the SABC and training grassroots pastors and lay leaders to teach God’s Word with boldness and relevance. Donate today!

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