Langham Preaching Conference returns to Honiara

[This article was originally published in the Solomon Star, 22 July 2010]

Pastor Eric Takila
Pastor Eric Takila speaks at the final commissioning, with books to distribute in front of him and a blackboard full of new preaching ‘fellowships’ behind him.

OVER ninety preachers from across the nation gathered in Honiara 16-23 July for the Level 2 Langham Preaching seminar.

Nearly every denomination in the Solomon Islands was represented at this year’s week-long seminar: the Anglican Church of Melanesia, the United Church of the Solomon Islands, the South Seas Evangelical Church, Assemblies of God, the Worldwide Church of God, the Roman Catholic Church, and Church of the Nazarene.

This year’s seminar has been facilitated by the Rev. Paul Windsor (Langham Partnership’s Associate Director of Preaching), Rory Shiner (Associate Minister at St Matthew’s Anglican Church in Perth, Western Australia) and the Rev. Kevin Rietveld (Director of SWIM in Solomon Islands).

This is the second year, and second level of the seminar in the Solomon Islands, and has seen both new and experienced preachers sharpen their preaching skills and refreshed for their ministry.

“One of the stunning things about this weeks’ conference is the level of leadership of churches, bishops, superintendents, and leaders of the ecumenical movement participating in the training,” said Paul Windsor.

“God’s desire is to see his church to grow up in maturity, not just in numbers,” he said.

The seminar has been a cause for great hope among church leaders.

“I’m looking forward to some great results after this. The word of God is powerful, and we need to handle it well,” said Rev Eric Takila, Senior Pastor at the Central SSEC Church in Honiara.

Participants at Seminar
Participants at
Solomons 2010 preaching conference.

“My challenge is that they take what they’ve learned and apply it where ever they go, I think it’s going to have a great impact.”

The Anglican Bishop of Malaita, Rev Sam Sahu, agreed.

“Under God, I believe this Langham Preaching seminar will help to produce a new generation of ministers and preachers who love the Lord Jesus and who will be able to rightly handle the Word of Truth in our churches and communities, especially at a time when our country is faced with many religious, social and political challenges.”