Langham Preaching in Uganda

In Uganda Barbara Tumwine has been working hard to organise two events to stimulate biblical preaching, alongside her busy day job in the medical community. In May a two-day seminar was held in the community in Kisiizi, attracting 34 participants, 25 returning for a Level 2 (looking at Old Testament law), and  9 new participants for a Level 1.  It was a strong team event, with Kenyan country coordinator Mercy Ireri travelling to join Barbara and Ugandan preacher Julius Twongyeirwe, who shared the training.
Barbara reports: ‘All participants expressed gratitude for the training, wishing that it had lasted more days. Some of the participants came to me and said that they the training had been a time of renewal for them. Also others confessed that they felt embarrassed having been Christians for such a long time and yet their understanding of the bible has been so poor! In the evaluation form, everyone promised to be committed to the preacher’s fellowships and actually did join the groups. The Level 2 participants were excited to gain an understanding of OT Law saying that they would now preach that particular genre with some confidence. They all said that they wished they had had more sessions on preaching from the OT Law.  Please pray for all those who are attended: they continue to tell me that the seminar brought real revival in their hearts.  Actually, as a result of the training, the three teachers and secretary from the primary school section of the community revived morning chapel for the school that has long been ignored. Beginning Monday this week, they drew a preaching programme. Let’s pray that this lasts.’

‘They all said that they heard God’s voice and felt the call to proclaim God’s word with more passion. Pray that this will last and that the ministry expository preaching will be rooted into the hospital community and chapel life here.’

Barbara is now busy preparing for a larger LP seminar, which will be held in Mbara, June 13-18.  Please pray for energy for her, as she seeks to plan this next event, encourage local preaching groups, and sustain her daily work.