Messages before Dawn

An unexpected update on preaching training in Northeast India

It is not just local preachers who are being transformed by the Langham Preaching training. Sometimes it is the overseas facilitator as well. Here is an exchange of text messages early one recent Saturday morning.

Langham Preaching Local Facilitators North East India

Geoff – Saturday, 4:53am
‘Well, that would have to rate as one of the most satisfying weeks in 15 years of ministry. Sorry if your phone was on and I woke you from Kolkata. But it is worth being woken for. An epic time.’

Paul – 4.59am
‘Yes, Geoff, the phone was on. Yes, it did wake me. And, yes, it was worth waking for.’

Geoff – 5.02am
‘You’re awake! It was deeply moving – and having only the 10 participants was a true God-send [NB: 27 had been expected]. We went slowly and profoundly through the Training of Trainers’ material. Heard one or two of the best sermons I have ever heard. Not kidding.’

Paul – 5.06am
‘I had wondered whether having only ten participants might prove to be a sign of God’s hand upon you. After all, Jesus managed to do quite a lot with twelve! But just look at all the pebbles you have thrown into the pond and the multiple ripples it will cause in Northeast India and further afield. It is such a strategic work, isn’t it?’

Geoff – 5.12am
‘Today we agreed that we would not have been able to do what we did with 27 people. You are right. And I can most certainly can see the strategic nature of it all. And they saw it too. We had some beautiful times together.’

Geoff New and National Facilitators Thumb copy

Geoff New and National Facilitators

Geoff New is a Presbyterian minister from Auckland, New Zealand. He had never been to Asia before becoming involved with Langham Preaching two years ago. His home church has commissioned him to be a guide for this emerging preaching movement in Northeast India. He is working with church-planters, evangelists, pastors, student workers, and college lecturers – and his life and ministry are being transformed by it.

He returns home with a message from them for his church in Auckland: ‘Thank-you for sparing brother Geoff again and again to us. We will move on together until His purposes are fulfilled.’

by Paul Windsor, Langham Preaching.