Prayer Request for Kenya

Readers will have seen the news of the post-election violence in Kenya. Langham Preaching works closely with many Kenyan churches, and has received news from colleagues who are working in several of the cities affected by present instability. Please pray specially for Edward Simiyu, who is working in the Kibera slums in Nairobi, and who has been visiting believers even though warned not to do so.

The small church property was saved from destruction, but some believers were attacked. The situation remains tense and volatile. Elsewhere, believers in Kisumu and Eldoret specially need our prayers as they provide shelter for families under pressure. Please pray for a just and peaceful resolution to the present political crisis, as well as for the wider repercussions of the unrest on many poor families across the country: such instability not only creates short term problems of food and fuel shortages, but longer term deterioration in the economic situation. There is international concern that the tribal conflict should not escalate into wider unrest across the country but, by God’s grace, the church can play a key role in reconciliation.

Edward wrote on 2nd March:
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. It has been a difficult time for Kenya but God is answering prayer! A political settlement has been reached and hopefully we can now get out of the woods. This affected all of us but our church members who are mostly from the slums were badly affected. Healing and reconciliation is now key. Please continue to pray for us.

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