Preaching in Central and South America, Zambia & Zimbabwe Monday 2nd June

Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued prayerful support for the work of Preaching around the world. Here are the items for prayer for the week ahead.

South Africa: Last week in Limpopo, Refresher, Level 1 and 2 events were held. Many of the participants were local but there were also those from Johannesburg and Zambia and a new local facilitator received training. Here are some testimonies from participants:

 ‘Life changing!’

Oh with the Langham Preaching approach, the Word is so clear!’

Before I came to this training I was not aware of the power of preaching!’

Central and South America: This week 40 facilitators from 12 different countries will meet in Cochabamba, Bolivia for an international facilitator training event. Jorge Atiencia, Alex Chiang (facilitators), Paul Windsor (Director) and Jennifer Cuthbertson (Training Coordinator) will lead the event. This is the first of three annual events where a new generation of facilitators is being trained. Igor asks us to pray for ‘an excellent start and for all the participants to use the tools learned to enable the growth of many training initiatives across the continent’.

Zambia: On Saturday, Siseho Minyoi (coordinator), Conrad Mbewe, Joseph Honto and Chipita Sibale (facilitators) will facilitate the ongoing monthly Level 1 training at Kabwata Baptist Church. Siseho asks us to pray for the 30 participants who are expected and their ongoing commitment to this training.

Zimbabwe: The second of eight Saturdays takes place this week where 80 participants will be involved in Level 1, 2 and 3 training. Gary Cross, Asafa Makan’a, Clarkson Chidimuro and John Bell (country coordinator) will provide the training alongside trainee-facilitators, Naison Mangwende and Verengerai Mavesere. John asks us to pray that more pastors will attend alongside the many non-pastors who choose to come.

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Team