Preaching in Lesotho, South Sudan, Pakistan, Burundi, Indonesia, Rwanda, Greece, Nigeria and Burundi [11 November 2013]


Dear friends

November is a busy month for Langham Preaching. Please pray with us through a longer-than-usual Prayershot this week.

Lesotho: One of the participants in the first Level 1 was the Deputy Prime Minister! He ‘commended the programme and challenged the church to play its prophetic role and not to play to the tune of politicians’. Pray that the four preachers’ clubs that were formed will become well established.

Ecuador: This week Dionisio Orjuela, Alex Chiang, Igor Améstegui and Chris Wright will facilitate a Level 3 seminar for 80 participants from Quito and Guayaquil. Igor asks us to pray ‘that all the participants will be able to see the usefulness and relevance of preaching from the Old Testament, and put it into practice in their escuelitas, ministries and churches.’ 

South Sudan: Praise God that the first Level 1 seminar is be held this week in the world’s newest country. Richard Bullen (country coordinator) and Emmanuel Oladipo will facilitate the event, along with Emeka Egbo and Bishop Jwan who have generously offered to travel from Nigeria to assist with the training.

Pakistan: Through this week a Level 2 & 3 event will be held in Karachi led by Paul Barker, Asif John, and Steve Sonneman. Paul asks ‘please pray for safety, effective learning, good relations among the organisers and that this conference further strengthens and develops the extensive work already taking place’.

Burundi: From Monday to Friday a Level 1 will be held in Bujumbura with Emmanuel Bagumako facilitating the team of trainers. It will be in a mixture of French and the local language, which will be a new experience for the team.  Emmanuel asks us ‘to pray for the smooth running of the event, for safety in travel and for a facilitator who is taking part whilst receiving ongoing training’.  

Indonesia: A Level 1 and a ‘training of trainers’ seminar will take place simultaneously in Brastagi (North Sumatra) for the priests and elders of the Batak Karo Church. John Chambers, Rosemary Aldis, Okta Rumpak, Beatris Pangala, Sonny, and Armind will facilitate and will be assisted by local trainers. Victor Nikijuluw (country coordinator) asks us to ‘pray that the Sinabung Volcano, near the training site and currently erupting, will not affect the training.’

Rwanda: This week, in Kigali, 45 people are gathering for a Level 1 & 2 event, together with 12 local facilitators for a training of trainers’ event. Pray for Albert Sindano, Alice and Mike McGowan as they lead. Albert asks us to pray for ‘Alice and myself as for the first time we will conduct a Level 1 training; the commitment of participants to be part of preachers’ clubs; and for church leaders to select passionate people to come for the training’.  

Greece: On Friday and Saturday a Level 3 will take place in Athens with Mark Meynell and Gavin McGrath as facilitators. Around 25 – 30 people will attend, mainly from Athens, but also from Patra, Volos and Thessaloniki. Constantinos Apostolou asks us to pray ‘that this event will be an encouragement for the church in Greece to passionately study and faithfully proclaim God’s Word in these hard times for our country.’

Nigeria: 130 participants from Zaria city will attend a Level 1 & 2 seminar this week. Gideon Para-Mallam, Ishaya Baba, Philip Babarinde and Akin Afuwape will facilitate and we are asked to pray for ‘clarity of presentation by the facilitators and for those attending to experience the Bible in a fresh and transforming way’. Pray also for peace in northern Nigeria.

Zimbabwe: The monthly Level 1 training continues this week on Saturday in Bulawayo. Bhekimpilo Mkwebu and Lennon Mazonde will facilitate the training for the 50 participants who have been attending.  John Stambolie writes, ‘praise God for the support given to participants by their local churches and for the growing commitment to the Preaching Clubs that meet at various venues between the monthly workshops.’


Thanks for all your prayers!

The Langham Team