Preaching in Malaysia, Kenya, Ecuador….12th May 2014

Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued support for the work of Preaching. Here are the prayer items for the week ahead.

Malaysia: Please pray for the Level 2 this week in Serembam (West Malaysia) with Paul Barker and Philip Sinden (CMS Australia) as the trainers. Paul writes, ‘Sadly, Neil Watkinson cannot help because of a family illness. Please pray for him and his wife. Pray that the week helps change the preaching practice of the participants.’

Kenya: From Wednesday to Saturday a Level 2 will be held in Meru for 30 pastors and will be be facilitated by Emmanuel Oladipo (regional coordinator) Peter Mutiso and Ignatius Maimbu. Please pray for the pastors as they travel from remote areas and for the facilitators, as many of those attending are unable to communicate well in English. Praise God that Bibles in Swahili and their local languages will be presented to them as part of the training.

Ecuador: From Thursday to Saturday 12 local coordinators from Quito and Guayaquil will meet in Riobamba. Alex Chiang and Igor Améstegui will facilitate the training and ask us to pray that ‘all the participants leave motivated to start new preachers clubs with the tools used during their training’.

Zimbabwe: On Saturday a new Level 1 will commence. The training will take place once a month on a Saturday for 8 months with participants coming from the city of Bulawayo. Lennon Mazonde, Bhekimpilo Mkwebu and John Stambolie will provide the training. Please pray for the team as this new round of training commences and for a good number of participants to commit to attending.

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team