Preaching in Zimbabwe, France, Tanzania, Romania 16-Dec-2013

Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued prayerful support of the work of Langham Preaching. As we look forward to the rest of the Christmas season, the number of events around the world naturally reduces. This week’s Prayershot details the events we know are taking place until the beginning of January 2014. Our weekly updates will be start again on Monday January 6th, 2014.

Zimbabwe: Following a seminar in Bulawayo, John Stambolie and Lennon Mazonde were travelling home on a bus involved in a head-on collision in which several people, tragically, lost their lives. This is a reminder that the prayer requests for safety in travel are significant. Remember those unknown to us who grieve – but also give thanks to God for preserving the lives of these men who are so crucial to the developing work in Zimbabwe.

France: On the 21st a Level 1 with nine pastors from churches in the West of Brittany will continue in Morlaix. Mike McGowan will be faciliating this second meeting in a series of four and he asks us to pray that the group will connect with the importance of biblical preaching.

Tanzania: From Wednesday 18th until Sunday 22nd a Level 1 will take place in Bubiki near Shinyanga.  Please pray for those attending and for Elkana Gonda (country coordinator) and the team who lead this work.

Now for something a little different…
Romania: Some words of testimony from participants in a recent Level 2 event:

‘I felt privileged to be a part of a group of wonderful people that are not satisfied with a shallow understanding of God’s Word, but are spending time and resources to dig deep, where the real treasures are … the strongest feeling that stays with me is that there is hope for our country.’ Adi Galiger, Oradea.

‘The presence of 60 preachers, underlined the fact that ‘the sermon’ is not to be treated as the Cinderella in the church. Instead it is the means by which we carry in our palm the sparks of love to enlighten the lost in the night.’ Nicolae Geanta, Campina.

‘Those two days were like a glass of cold, fresh water drank after a long run through the desert… The most important contribution that Langham Preaching Romania brings is to respond to this urgent need of recovering the Bible in our preaching.’ Beni Mocan, Cluj.

Thanks for your prayers and your support throughout 2013!  May you know God’s peace and presence as we are reminded of the gift of ‘Emmanuel’, God with us.

The Langham Preaching Team