Progress on the South Asia Bible Commentary

By Isobel Stevenson, Langham Literature

The rise of radical Hinduism and radical Islam in South Asia is increasing the pressure on Christians, who need to know more about their faith if they are to be able to defend it. There has also been a considerable turning to Christ in South Asia, and many churches are now pastored by converts who have very little theological or Bible school training.

Dr Paul Swarup at work on the SABC
Langham Scholar Dr Paul Swarup at work on the SABC

Langham Scholar Dr Paul Swarup stresses what a difference it will make when these men and women have access to a commentary that they can read, particularly when the South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC) comes out in a Hindi translation.

The SABC will be a resource that can be used in undergraduate and college level programs that train pastors. It will be a valuable resource for Langham Preaching, which trains and encourages pastors to use the Bible in their preaching. It may also lead on to a wider scope of Christian publishing in India, just as the publication of the Africa Bible Commentary did in Africa.

Jessica Richards with assistant editors
Jessica Richard (right) and editors
Shilpa Waghmare
and Cecily Naliyath
whom we have been training
to work with her on the SABC

The team of South Asian theologians overseeing the project are clearly committed and excited about it. Several of them have already completed their own writing assignments and have taken on additional tasks. There is also excellent cooperation between the theologians, the copy editors and the writers. Working as a team, they are able to address any shortcomings in submissions and improve the quality of all submissions. There is a sense of respect for each person’s role and contribution.

The theological editors reported testing their own commentaries in their own preaching. Thus a church in Delhi heard five sermons on the book of Lamentations, with many in the congregation remarking that they had never even read this book before, let alone heard it preached. Thus believers are being exposed to more of the Bible than they would have been in the past.

Please pray for project manager and project editor Jessica Richard, as she recruits a team of additional editors to share the load.