Quotes from Guyana

Ninety people from across the denominations gathered in Georgetown for a Level Two seminar. Here are some comments from those attendees:

A night-watchman, off to work at the end of each day:
“Losing a little sleep is no problem compared to the spiritual strength I am receiving. My time and strength is from God and He will help me to rest later this week.”

A woman in her 80s, a well-known scientist & educator:
“I am rejoicing in what this seminar has taught me. Now I am able to dig into the word of God more faithfully and teach more clearly and relevantly.”

One woman Bible-reader:
“Before this seminar I would read the Bible and find it confusing. I looked just for things that would help with my problems. Now my study is richer and deeper. I am beginning to understand the Bible. I am finding God in its pages.”

A Pentecostal pastor:
“My ministry is deepening. I am ashamed of the lack of preparation I used to do. Now I am able to feed my people.”

A counselor:
“It has taught me things that I really needed to know about reading and studying the Bible.”

A Bible School student:
“The principles taught at the seminar were taught at my school – but the seminar helped me to understand them better.”