‘We will help them jump on this wagon of faith’

African Authors on African Needs, Realities and Context

LivresHippo is a shared publishing imprint among several publishers and partners three African French-language publishers, a publisher in France and Langham Literature.

Together, our vision is to stimulate spiritual and intellectual growth in the African church by developing books by African Christian authors who address African realities from an evangelical perspective.

So what has been happening recently?

In October 2015, the launch in Ndjaména, Chad, of Daïdanso: l’homme et l’œuvre, was a significant highlight. It celebrates the life and legacy of René Daïdanso (1944-2014) through the eyes of his friends. Daïdanso was one of the first theologically-trained church leaders in Chad, and in Francophone Africa. Over 40 years of ministry he revolutionized preaching and inspired a generation of church leaders.

From a traditional religion background, he became a Christian when he was a student. In 1972 he married Martine, who joined him as a new Christian:

All along our life journey, my husband encouraged me to read the word of God. We introduced reading the word in our family every night before going to bed . . . He would say to me: ‘I entered it [the Christian faith] alone, then you came to join me; when God gives us children, we will help them jump on this wagon of faith . . .  and anyone who wants to enter.’

Daïdanso was a loved elder statesman in the region. As Solomon Andria testifies:

I was inspired by him in terms of preaching. He taught us preaching is the word of God explained to God’s people. It has to be powerful and clear. The preacher has to use easy words, short sentences. I remember that Daidanso preached with his ‘pastoral’ voice and with his hands. We see his impact on today’s generation of leaders/preachers in Chad and beyond. I believe that this book will have a great impact on present and future generations, because young people want to ‘see’ examples, of people who live out their faith.

What is happening next?

The LivresHippo publishers are busy working on new publications for this year which include:

Initiatives théologiques africaines by Solomon Andria, a handbook for theological institutions in Africa that encourages students to reflect theologically and formulate biblical truths in an African way that is simple and clear, based on courses the author has taught and his experience as an editor and writer of the Africa Bible Commentary.

L’Éthique chrétienne africaine, a French translation of African Christian Ethics by Samuel Kunhiyop, already a best-seller in English.

The commentary Jérémie et Lamentations by Bungishabaku Katho.

Jeremiah prophesied in a context not unlike realities faced today in large parts of Francophone Africa. We pray that God will use the commentary to help many there, who feel perhaps desperate, to come to the Lord and ‘jump on this wagon of faith’!

by Solomon Andria, French Editor for Langham Literature and Commissioning Editor of LivresHippo, as well as the Chairman of the ABC Board.