We equip pastors to preach and teach God’s Word.

Langham invests in the teaching of God’s Word and it yields immeasurable results, changing hearts and minds, creating lasting impact, addressing sin and social issues with truth, leading to action and application into all walks of life.

Equipping preachers has an exponential impact.

As pastors learn to teach the Bible with authority and relevancy, God’s Word bears fruit that grows and multiplies, bringing transformation to individuals, families and communities.A pastor trained to teach God’s Word helps hundreds of new believers eager to understand and apply God’s Word.

Pastors trained-Churches grow-People transformed


How Langham Preaching works.

Langham Preaching partners with national leaders to nurture indigenous biblical preaching movements for pastors and lay preachers all around the world. With the support of a team of trainers from many countries, we provide multi-level seminars focusing on practical, biblically based training.  We follow up by training local preaching facilitators. The formation of local preachers’ groups  and national and regional networks ensure continuity and ongoing development, seeking to build vigorous movements committed to Bible exposition.

Langham Preaching worldwide in 2012.

  • Indigenously led preaching movements in more than 67 countries.
  • 400 volunteers training over 10,000 pastors and lay preachers.
  • More than 200 training events worldwide.

Churches live, grow and flourish by the Word of God, and they languish and die without it…whenever the Word of God is faithfully expounded and applied, congregations grow in both size and depth.   John Stott

Latest videos about Langham Preaching

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